About The Samurai Game®

The Game was invented by George Leonard, the writer and the teacher. The author of numerous books including: Mastery, The Silent Pulse, The Ultimate Athlete, Walking on the Edge of the World, The Way of Aikido: Life Lessons from an American Sensei, Life We Are Given (co-author Michael Murphy). The Game is copyrighted and owned by George Leonard and by The Leonard Trust.

Team building, leadership, communication and integration

The Samurai Game® is the most unique and challenging leadership and teambuilding simulation. During The Game individual participants and also whole teams take part in different situations and exercises where they explore a lot of different areas such as: taking decisions, honour, disinterestedness, cohesion, taking risk and self-reliance in tough situations marked by uncertainty and unforeseeable difficulties.

The Game is based on the philosophy of the Japanese martial art- AIKIDO.

Please visit www.ITP-International.org for more information about George Leonard.

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